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Health through Spirituality

Health according to Ayurved is a complete state of balance – Balance between organs, cells or tissues of the body, balance between the body and the soul or balance between the human being and the Supreme Being. Acharya Sushrut defines health as:


Samadosha, samagnischa samadhatu mala kriya


Prasanna atmenindriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate .


Thus, Healthy state of body is when the Doshas (Humors) of the human body are balanced along with an ideal state of Agni (Digestive fire and tissue metabolism), stable Dhatus (Tissues) in a perfect condition and quantity, proper excretion of body wastes through sweat, stools or urine, and when the Atma (Soul), Indriya (Senses) and Manah (Mind) are in a condition of Bliss and proper functioning.


Now, this Perfect health can only be gained through “Spirituality”. Spirituality here doesn’t refer to any belief or following any religion but it means to connect oneself with his own soul,  understand  the material  world  and  do  our own righteous  karma.  And  if  you  are not spiritually healthy you cannot attain perfect health as even the WHO in its definition of perfect health has added “Spirituality” as an important component. If you are not spiritually well, then your mind is unable to remain stable. This instability of mind leads to many mental and physical disorders as today almost 85% of the diseases are psychosomatic disorders (i.e. which occurs due to the involvement of both physical and mental dysfunction). And once you correct the Mental or the spiritual component the physical disorder is sure to be resolved. Spirituality thus is an important factor to be considered before treating a patient. It has been clearly noticed that when a person is mentally well-oriented he responds to medicines and treatments quickly and more effectively. Spirituality plays a very important role in keeping a person healthy. Being spiritually correct automatically keeps you away from things which can easily make you ill. It also helps you avoid unnecessary stress and tension. Being spiritually well oriented keeps your desires, greed, necessities under tremendous control which not only keeps you away from ‘Paap Karma’(Sinful acts) but also keeps you in a condition of perfect health.


Ayurved has a concept of ‘Hita-Ahita’ (Beneficial-Unbeneficial) and ‘Sukha-Dukh’ (Pleasing-Unpleasing). Ayurved believes that one must follow Hitakar lifestyle (That which is Beneficial) and not sukhakari lifestyle (Pleasing lifestyle which later harms us). For example for a patient suffering from Diabetes taking excessive sweets maybe pleasing (Sukhadayi) but may not be Beneficial (Hitakari) for his/her health while taking Neem juice may not be pleasing but would surely be beneficial. Thus one must have control over his/her senses, desires and necessities to remain healthy. And this is only possible through Spirituality.